Animal Health Center of Marion Co. Inc.

119 South Coble Street
Marion, KS 66861


Cow-Calf and Herd Health

We offer a variety of services for the cow-calf producer.

We offer bull soundness exams.  During a BSE, we check eyes, feet, body condition score.  We measure and record scrotal circumference.  We palpate external and internal structures.  We visualize for any defects.  We check semen quality for shape and motility.  All these together gives us an indication of the bull's ability to breed satisfactory for a large number of cows.  It does not guarantee an injury or the bull's libido, so those things must be examined on the farm by the producer.  During this time, we can collect samples for trich testing.

We offer pregnancy exams, by palpation or ultrasound.  Ultrasounding is best utilized from 30 - 120 days of pregnancy.  We find that it is a great tool in sorting fall calving cows going out to summer grass.  Talk to us about ways to utilize this tool.

 We can help you set up your AI calendar.  In fact, we can print that calendar for you!  We also offer AI services in house and on the farm.  

We can set up cowherd vaccination protocols to best manage health issues.  We can also assist in nutritional issues.  Without a good nutritional basis to the operation, health is hard to manage.  

We can help you understand water and feed testing and assist in sending off samples. We have a ration calculator to help set up your winter rations.  For a good video of how to take a core sample from a round bale, see our links page and scroll near the bottom.

Something new this year, we can help you set up cow inventories on excel spreadsheet, and add sheets to the workbook for each time we pregnancy check or process cows.  From the preg check sheet, we can develop a chart and report to indicate pregnancy percents, and track that by year.

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