Animal Health Center of Marion Co. Inc.

119 South Coble Street
Marion, KS 66861


Tri-County Veterinary Center in Herington, KS, as our sister clinic, serves a three county area of Dickinson, Marion and Morris.  Dr. Megan Coffman is the in house veterinarian, and she shares emergency duties as well as rotates in house Saturday mornings at the Animal Health Center in Marion.  

Why have 2 clinics?  It allows us to share resources, knowledge, staff and develop specialties.  Some examples of sharing:

Dr. Jessica Laurin, the owner of Animal Health Center and TriCounty Vet Center, is available in Herington on Wednesdays, and rotates through on a needed basis.

Lori Tajchman, who grooms at the Animal Health Center, is filling in as groomer at Tri-County Veterinary Center one day a week. Please do call for an appointment.