Animal Health Center of Marion Co. Inc.

119 South Coble Street
Marion, KS 66861


Dr. Jessica Laurin offer many different services for our stocker,  backgrounding  and feedyard clients.

  • Dr. Laurin provides a handbook she wrote that includes instructions on medications, guidance on pulling sick calves, treatment options, feeding recommendations, cattle handling, cattle care, and a drug formulary.  
  • We set up processing and treatment protocols individualized for each producers unique operation.  
  • We offer processing services when needed with trained staff provided by our clinic.  
  • Dr. Laurin provides educational modules at each visit on timely topics.  
  • We offer diagnostics, including necropsies, sample collections, and interpretation of diagnostics.  
  • We have an nrc based excel ration spreadsheet to help check rations.  
  • We can help with water testing and water quality issues.  
  • We can be flexible, because we understand your operation may need options with changing markets and feedstuff availability.  

We understand that your operation needs to be profitable, and we want to be more than only a cost, we want to give you options that can improve your bottom line.

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