Animal Health Center of Marion Co. Inc.

119 South Coble Street
Marion, KS 66861



Dr. Jessica Laurin established the Animal Health Center of Marion County in 1996.  

Dr. Laurin grew up on a farm near Tampa, and graduated from Centre High School before attending Kansas State University. Dr. Laurin is the 2015-16 President of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants.  Dr. Laurin has spent many hours over the years building the practice to serve the communities in and near where she grew up.  Dr. Laurin enjoys all sizes of animal.  She really enjoys the outdoors, the farmland and the open pastures of this area, and couldn't see living anywhere that could be much nicer, but does like to go visit the ocean for vacation time. 

Dr. Laurin has two children. Her daughter, Anna, graduated from  Kansas State University studying mass communications and serves as a public relations officer for the Kansas Army National Guard.  Her son, Jordan, also attends Kansas State University studying Bakery Science and  has aspirations of some day becoming a chef and traveling the world learning the art of cooking.  Dr. Laurin enjoys spending time with her kids, watching Kansas State Football, working with her horse Baby, two dogs Bruce and Izzy, and Sophie the cat.


 Dr. Rebecca Erwin has been with us since 2006.    Dr. Rebecca Erwin has become certified to practice Chiropractic care on horses and pets in 2013.  Smart, smiling, hard working, and staying to task until complete are some qualities she brings to practice.  She owns a place southwest of town with her husband Corey.  They have one daughter.